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Bob Bryan, CIC, CRIS, CLCS, Director of Business Development

Email: bbryan@henriott.com

Phone: 765-838-8603

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryanbob/

Expertise: I’ve been with Henriott for 17 years, 20 years in insurance overall.  In that time, I’ve sold personal insurance, many types of commercial property & casualty insurance, employee benefits / ancillary medical, life insurance, accident & sickness coverage and surety bonding.

Problems I Solve: I typically help business executives understand the risks their business faces from both inside the walls and outside and make them feel comfortable that they’re buying the right types of insurance and only what they need.  Most people say they feel like we’ve got their back and they don’t have to worry about these things because we’re helping them plan for problems before they happen.

The Importance of my Role: For many years, I’ve designed insurance coverage in hopes that my clients would never have to rely on it.  There have been many times in which that coverage has been instrumental in getting a business back open following a fire, windstorm event, etc. or preserved the reputation a company and/or their executives following lawsuits for various allegations from employees or in the event of product liability or recalls.  The work I’ve done with my clients has allowed them to manage risk, provide for their families and those of their employees instead of needlessly spending money on extra insurance or not having the right coverage to protect them when the worst happens.

On the group health side, the importance of what we do seems even bigger.  We’re able to source drugs affordably or at no cost for people whose quality of life are often infinitely better as a result.  More than a few times, employees of clients will come up to us at open enrollment and tell us stories about something that was either not covered under their old plan or was too expensive for them to afford.  After we took over the plan, they were able to have these prescribed medications covered or provided at no cost to them…which was life-changing for those people!  That’s an absolutely amazing feeling!!  Equally as gratifying is that we’re able to provide these amazing benefits to the employees and save the employer money at the same time.  

Education: I attended Purdue University and have earned three insurance designations after becoming licensed for Property, Casualty, Life, Health and Surplus Lines.  The Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), Construction Risk Insurance Specialist (CRIS) and Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS) are all applicable to insurance and risk management.

About Me: A family-oriented individual, happily married to an exceptional woman, and a proud father of three children. In my leisure time, I prioritize quality moments with my family especially at the beach and cherish the companionship of our two dogs.



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