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A Trusted Partner for Over 60 Years

After returning home from World War II, Charles “Chuck” Henriott started his family and found work as a fireman for the Monon Railroad. Working the “Hooser Line” from Chicago to New Albany, Chuck loved his job and was proud to work for a company that gave travelers the opportunity to see America in a way many never had before.

However, one fateful day in September 1951 changed the trajectory of the Henriott family forever. A freight train engineer failed to slow down for a curve in front of the Monon Depot. With a perfect on-time record, the engineer—for reasons unknown—was running behind schedule. Two miles outside of Monon, the train traveled 80 miles per hour, too fast for the 90-degree turn ahead.

The train jumped the tracks, leveling the three-story train station and leaving Chuck buried under tons of bricks and debris. After months spent recovering in the hospital, he was released, but lasting injuries prevented Chuck from continuing his work for the railroad. He began searching for another way to support his family. After conversations with a teacher who sold life insurance in the summer to make ends meet, Chuck realized that his love of people and his knack for a good conversation made selling insurance something he could do. And he did.

So, when people say Henriott began with a train wreck, they’re not kidding. But those humble beginnings nearly 75 years ago have grown the business into a multiservice risk management and insurance firm with top-notch employees who care for their clients’ wellbeing today just as Chuck did decades ago.

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Values You Can Trust

Dedicated service, strategic innovation, and community investment influence how Henriott does business, and they’re the reasons why their clients face the future with confidence.

People You Can Count On

Henriott’s team possesses a wealth of diversified experience and knowledge that allows them to provide integrative, personalized service.

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Curious how Henriott can help you? A dedicated business advisor will be happy to answer your questions.