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Navigating the Future: A Guide to Updating Beneficiaries

Proper beneficiary designation is essential for ensuring the financial well-being of your loved ones, requiring regular updates, consideration of primary and contingent beneficiaries, awareness of the limitations of wills, and addressing the unique circumstances of minor beneficiaries, ultimately securing your intended legacy.

Human Resource Services Now Available!

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Henriott Group, Inc. has brought The Human Element LLC, a startup Human Resource Practice, into our portfolio of client services. Juanita Ribnek started The Human Element after recognizing that a significant gap existed in the marketplace for professional HR services, especially at this time where talent is in such high demand.

COVID-19 What Are You Doing?

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I am sitting at my dining room table attempting to the best of my ability to work at home. Trying to feel like I am being, at least, somewhat productive. Trying to give myself a feeling of having a little control. It’s not working all that well, but, like almost all of us, I will adapt to this new normal.

The future impact of COVID-19

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My Mom and Dad both lived through the Great Depression. Obviously, I know this because of the year they were born but also in other less direct ways. They were deeply impacted by the trauma of that time and it impacted the rest of their lives in ways they probably didn’t even realize. One of the ways was my Dad’s aversion to debt. In the course of his life he took out a mortgage loan to build their house, but he paid that mortgage off years before the loan expired. He simply was uneasy about owing money to anyone.

COVID-19 and Your Business

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Wow, what unprecedented times we are encountering. As seen in the flood of correspondence happening every day, each and every business has a put together their own unique plan to accommodate the safety of their employees, clients and in many cases have been forced to change their business model to adapt to today’s environment.

Can You Predict the Future?

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Today’s near miss is tomorrow’s accident. You may call it something different such as a close call, injury free event, report only, or error in judgement. Whatever the name you use, it is defined as an unplanned event that did not result in an injury or property damage. The key is to not take these events lightly. We can use today’s near misses to help prevent tomorrow’s injuries and accidents.