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Client Focused. Results Driven.

There is nothing that our Team at Henriott Group enjoys any more than telling our clients, in a time of need, that their claim is covered by their insurance program. That is why we do what we do, hence our vision statement, to “Provide certainty in an uncertain world”. When we can share good news in difficult times, we are fulfilling our pledge to be Client Focused and Results Driven.

For us, it all starts with the “Client Focused” part. Our job begins with not only asking the right questions, but most importantly, listening to your answers. After almost 60 year of being in this business, we understand that every conversation is about you- our client. Although we work with many companies and we have deep experience in many industries and business sectors, we know that every business is different. The devil is in the details and our opportunity to help is created by listening to you and your concerns- your story- and understanding those potential exposures to accidents and events that could really negatively impact you and your business. The work we do with our clients isn’t a fly by the seat of your pants approach because that approach can never be consistent and thorough. To be client focused requires a process. A disciplined process, coupled with our knowledge, experience and curiosity, gives us the opportunity to translate what we learn from you, into the products and services which provide the outcomes that you want and expect. This is what “Client Focused” means to us.

Now the “Results Driven” part comes into play. By being “Client Focused” good results will follow. Results driven means you will have confidence in the insurance and risk management decisions you are making; you will actually understand the protection you have; you will know you have done your best to prepare for that inevitable moment that you hoped would never come. In that moment, we will stand with you as your partner to overcome things that at times may feel overwhelming. This is the time for us to confirm that not only are you protected, you are protected correctly, adequately, and by a sound and client-centric insurance company partner- one who is looking to help you in your time of need rather than looking for ways to minimize your loss. This is what “Results Driven” means to us.



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