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Henriott and Trusted Health Insurance Services Merge Forces to Revolutionize Insurance Support for Small and Medium Businesses

Henriott, a renowned figure in the insurance industry, proudly announces its strategic merger with Trusted Health Insurance Services, led by industry expert Mike Pfau. This alliance marks a pivotal moment in the quest to redefine insurance services for underserved small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Mike Pfau, with over two decades of unparalleled expertise in the health insurance sector, brings forth an impressive background in actuarial science, professional underwriting, and a staunch dedication to advocating for SMBs. His passion for empowering these often overlooked entities aligns seamlessly with Henriott’s mission to offer personalized, tailored insurance solutions to every client, irrespective of their size.

“The decision to join forces with Henriott was a natural fit,” Pfau commented. “Their commitment to prioritizing the needs of small and midsize employer groups resonates deeply with my own values. Together, we’re reshaping the landscape of insurance services, ensuring that every business receives the attention, care, and expertise they rightfully deserve.”

Trusted Health Insurance Services, established with a vision to address the plight of SMBs in navigating the complex insurance terrain, shares the same ethos as Henriott. The merger represents an unwavering commitment to steering businesses away from exorbitant costs and inaccessible policies, instead fostering a tailored approach that culminates in substantial savings and optimized benefits.

“We’re proud to welcome Mike Pfau and Trusted Health Insurance Services into the Henriott team,” stated Andrew Ball and Kelley Henriott, Co-CEOs of Henriott, emphasizing the shared goal of championing the underrepresented SMBs. “Our dedication to personalized attention and comprehensive knowledge, combined with Mike’s extensive experience and passion, solidifies our resolve to level the playing field in the insurance realm.”

The collaboration is founded on a shared principle of rejecting impersonalized, one-size-fits-all solutions. Mike Pfau’s track record of steering companies from drastic cost increases to significant reductions stands as a testament to the power of personalized attention fortified by expert knowledge. The approach ensures that each client benefits from tailored solutions that maximize savings and elevate their insurance experience.

About Henriott Group

Henriott is an independent Risk Management firm dedicated to helping clients prevent, manage, and recover from critical incidents. Working in both public and private entities through effective risk management, risk financing, commercial insurance, employee benefits, human resources, crisis management, contingency planning, and crisis response.

About Trusted Health Insurance Services:

Trusted Health Insurance Services, under the leadership of Mike Pfau, specializes in advocating for small and medium-sized businesses in the insurance sector. With over 20 years of industry expertise, Trusted Health Insurance Services aims to revolutionize insurance support for underserved SMBs, offering personalized attention and expert knowledge to maximize savings and benefits.

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