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Jennifer Hannen, Employee Benefits Strategist

Email: jhannen@henriott.com

Phone: 765-429-5006

Expertise: Over 25 years’ experience in Employee Benefits Management and Compliance

Problems I Solve: I assist employers with navigating the complexities of their benefit plans- from daily issues such as billing and enrollment to renewal negotiation and benefits compliance. I also work directly with employees to solve their benefit issues.

The Importance of my Role: Building, maintaining, and communicating a successful employee benefits program can be daunting. HR managers are pulled in several directions and the benefits landscape is always evolving.  My goal is to make the clients’ job easier.

Bio: I’m originally from Buffalo, New York. I joined Henriott in 2018 on a temporary basis, and then joined the team on a permanent basis in 2021.

About Me: I live in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I’m a bookworm but also enjoy being outdoors gardening, hiking, or kayaking. I volunteer as a mentor in local public schools.



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