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Lorrainne Lewis, Medicare Advisor

Email: llewis@henriott.com

Phone: 765.429.5008

Expertise: Medicare; helping people with retirement health decisions.

Problems I Solve: My role involves providing individuals and small groups with a conducive environment for open communication, facilitating the sharing of vital information necessary for effective problem-solving. I assist people in making informed choices and decisions, while also striving to inspire and motivate them towards positive outcomes.

The Importance of my Role: I serve as a catalyst for change and clarity within the Medicare landscape. By offering a fresh perspective, I aim to bridge the gap of confusion, instilling confidence and clarity for both individuals and HR Directors in the Indianapolis market. My goal is to portray Medicare not merely as a necessity but as an asset for employees’ continued success and a seamless transition into retirement. Through empowerment and education, I endeavor to guide individuals towards a worry-free retirement lifestyle, fostering a sense of assurance and empowerment.

Bio: With a background predominantly in sales and approaching Medicare eligibility, I am driven to inject vibrancy into the health insurance industry. Drawing upon my diverse sales experience and interpersonal skills, I adopt a compassionate and knowledge-based approach, prioritizing our commitment to mission over money. Leveraging the reputable Henriott brand, I aim to cultivate trust and assurance, paving the way for Henriott Medicare 2.0 and fostering a culture of referrals.

Education: I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Interpersonal Communications, complemented by a Life and Health Insurance license.

About Me: I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio. I’ve lived in Ohio, (Cleveland and Cincinnati), Atlanta, GA., (there is an Atlanta, Indiana), and Chicago. I have been in Indianapolis for over 25 years and it is home. I have a dog named Cecil, 7 siblings, 1 brother and 5 sisters, Goddaughters, grand goddaughters and 1 grand godson. I love plants and flowers and look forward to growing tomatoes, herbs and flowers this spring/summer. I enjoy (sometimes not) weight training and working out at the gym and outdoors. 



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