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Think The #1 Source of Safety Claims is Shootings, School Bus Intruders & Violence? Think Again…

Let’s get into the weeds of school safety.

Most school personnel I talk to deservedly boast about their school safety programs to prevent shootings, school bus intruders and other campus violence. They have put a lot of thought and action into preventing such horrific incidents—the invasive, deadly thistles. And that’s good. Those are vitally important steps.

What may also need some attention are the lesser weeds—the creeping Charlie and pokeweeds—that can cause injuries, lead to costly insurance claims and even result in increased insurance premiums.

Schools must prepare to prevent and minimize day-to-day slips, trips and falls. A wet floor, tracked-in snow, leaky water faucet or spilled beverage can easily be overlooked or go unnoticed. Along comes an unsuspecting student, staff or visitor, and boom. It’s down to the floor, quickly and unexpectedly, with no chance to brace for the fall.

If only there was a plan in place, known and practiced by everyone, to address steps to be taken when something lands on the floor or the stairs that shouldn’t be there. Injuries could be prevented, claims avoided and insurance premium increases unnecessary.

Slips, trips and falls are the #1 source of claims in K-12 education institutions. And insurance carriers look at patterns and response protocols when determining rates. Frequency is a large factor. One $100,000 crushed-foot claim is less a red flag than ten $10,000 slip-and-fall claims.

Do you have a plan in place to avoid these kinds of injuries and claims? At Henriott Group, we specialize in managing school risks. And we can help you pull the weeds so your school safety plan covers virtually every possibility.



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