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Mark Lehan, Business Advisor

Email: mlehan@henriott.com

Phone: 765.429.5005

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marklehan/

Expertise: I have been involved in the commercial insurance and employee benefit industry for 30 years; advising a variety of organizations and individuals throughout the risk management process.  I have partnered with companies in metal manufacturing, food, agriculture, healthcare, construction, habitational, and warehouse/logistics/trucking.  Insurance policies are written by attorneys for attorneys.  Reading and understanding the policy language and how it is triggered gives the client a piece of mind that someone is looking out for their best interests. 

Problems I Solve: Asking the right questions in order to understand what is important to the client.  Discussing the risks associated with the business; together we develop a proper business continuity plan.  The main objective is to help protect the balance sheet by being an extension of their risk management program.

The common frustration we hear with health insurance is the lack of options and increasing costs that make it difficult to attract and retain employees.  In finding alternative options within the marketplace, our clients have achieved reduced premiums with better coverage.  

The Importance of my Role: I believe the most important aspect of my role is to be a good listener and look to help the customer with the issues they are facing regardless of the sale.  Many of our competitors tell the prospect all the services they offer without even knowing about the business and what issues they are facing.  Education and transparency are key.  Mission over money – when we help an individual and/or business the right way: the reward will come.

Education: BS from Illinois State University.  MBA from Anderson University.

About Me: I have three teenage children with the oldest attending Purdue this fall.  I have a big family, so it is nice when we get together in different parts of the country to catch up.  I enjoy golf, biking, hiking, canoeing:  anything outside really.  I work closely the BSA Scouting Explorers as a District Chair.



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