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Andrew Ball, Co-CEO

Andrew Ball, Co-CEO, is a corporate strategist and manufacturing expert with a global perspective, dedicated to solving complex problems by leveraging a vast network of diverse expertise, while focusing on empowering his team and staying at the forefront of industry challenges and opportunities.

Marci Kuhlman, CIC, Commercial Insurance Strategist

Marci Kuhlman, a Commercial Strategist at Henriott Group, brings extensive expertise in Commercial Insurance, specializing in Nonprofits, Social Services, Education, Manufacturing, and Municipalities, providing comprehensive insurance programs, addressing coverage concerns, and ensuring cost-effective solutions for her valued clients.

Bob Bryan, CIC, CRIS, CLCS, Director of Business Development

Bob Bryan, with over 20 years of insurance expertise, specializes in comprehensive coverage solutions for businesses, assisting executives in risk management and delivering life-changing benefits on the group health side while optimizing costs.

Stabilizing the Insurance Market: Government Backed Catastrophic Perils Coverage

In this thought-provoking article, we explore the challenges faced by the insurance industry in insuring catastrophic events like pandemics, wildfires, and climate change impacts. With the rising costs and limitations of traditional insurance solutions, Zach Finn makes a compelling case for Government Backed Catastrophic Perils Coverage as a means to stabilize the insurance market and spread risks more effectively.