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Matt Logue, Business Advisor

Matt Logue, Business Advisor, specializes in Risk Management, Commercial Insurance, Employee Benefits, Product Recall, Captive Insurance, Manufacturing and Logistics, Real Estate, Habitational, Food and Beverage, M&A, Stock Throughput, Professional Liability, and Pollution, committed to safeguarding clients’ interests.

Marci Kuhlman, CIC, Commercial Insurance Strategist

Marci Kuhlman, a Commercial Strategist at Henriott Group, brings extensive expertise in Commercial Insurance, specializing in Nonprofits, Social Services, Education, Manufacturing, and Municipalities, providing comprehensive insurance programs, addressing coverage concerns, and ensuring cost-effective solutions for her valued clients.

Bob Bryan, CIC, CRIS, CLCS, Director of Business Development

Bob Bryan, with over 20 years of insurance expertise, specializes in comprehensive coverage solutions for businesses, assisting executives in risk management and delivering life-changing benefits on the group health side while optimizing costs.

Chad Burdo, CEBS, Employee Benefits Strategist

Chad Burdo is a seasoned expert in Risk Management, Healthcare, and Employee Benefits, working with Executives and HR Leaders to optimize employee benefits while reducing healthcare costs and simplifying the complexities of the healthcare system.

Stabilizing the Insurance Market: Government Backed Catastrophic Perils Coverage

In this thought-provoking article, we explore the challenges faced by the insurance industry in insuring catastrophic events like pandemics, wildfires, and climate change impacts. With the rising costs and limitations of traditional insurance solutions, Zach Finn makes a compelling case for Government Backed Catastrophic Perils Coverage as a means to stabilize the insurance market and spread risks more effectively.


Zach Finn is an expert in risk management and insurance, specializing in areas such as enterprise risk management, product recall, crisis preparedness, and supply chain risk management, with a focus on making sophisticated risk management solutions more accessible and mainstream.

Henriott Partners with MákuSafe®

Henriott Group partners with Makusafe and remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and expertise, envisioning a future where data-driven insights, like modern weather forecasting, empower organizations to predict and prevent workplace accidents, foster a culture of safety, and propel the transformation towards smart facilities.

Henriott Launches Advanced Healthcare Plan

young professionals

Henriott launches an Advanced Healthcare Plan for small employers, best suited for employers with 30-150 employees. Tired of seeing small employers struggle with the cost of healthcare, Henriott has been working diligently for the last several years to bring the tools and techniques commonly used by larger employers to Small & Medium Businesses.